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Tackling Every Athlete's Mental Health

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“Mental health is the top health and safety concern in the NCAA”

~Dr. Brian Hainline, NCAA Chief Medical Officer

Although they look to be in fighting form, athletes are often more at risk for mental illnesses than the general population. What can look like dedication can become a grueling, all-or-nothing commitment to a sport leading to obsessive behaviors and over-training. Losses and injuries can be traumatic events that trigger depression, panic attacks, and extreme anxiety. Wanting a peak performance body can spiral into disordered eating behaviors or the overuse of pain medications that precedes substance abuse. Most troubling of all, motivational mantras of "mental toughness" and "play through the pain" can translate into suffering in silence.


Who We Are

The TEAM Foundation of Boston is a 501(c)3 committed to redefining mental toughness as the continued commitment to one's mental well-being, the willingness to get help with one's mental health, and the compassion to support others on their mental health journeys.

We believe that with access to the right tools, each athlete's dedication can become a source of strength, not silent struggle. With a supportive community and an athlete's determination, we can tackle every athlete's mental health issues as one Bostonian team.

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What We Do

Supporting the Minds of Boston's Strongest Bodies

The TEAM Foundation of Boston knows that our strength lies not only in the words we stand by, but most importantly through the actions of our initiatives. The TEAM Foundation channels the passion of the athletes we support into our initiatives and partnerships. We are committed to addressing the mental health needs of the Boston student athlete community and working to create sustainable solutions. The TEAM Foundation aims to take a holistic approach to change-making that recognizes student athletes' unique needs, while celebrating the diversity of those engaged in sport.


Mobile App Development

Designing the one-stop shop for all things mental health, tailor-made for the student athlete experience 

Community Engagement

Bringing the discussion to your doorstep. We're making a difference on the sidelines and in the classrooms

Educational Resources

Developing custom tool-kits and guides to assist student athletes and their biggest cheerleaders

Research & Data Analysis

Assessing our offerings with user surveys ensures we meet your needs with the highest quality resources


Put me in, Coach!

We are changing the game for Boston's athletes.

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